Nelson House

Nelson House

This sustainable and budget-conscious design by Biotope Architecture + Interiors incorporated the existing Nelson House 1980’s fabric.

Located in Hobart, Tasmania, the project is mainly an interior refurbishment, with a small extension.

The project challenges included a modest budget, the extant house, and various site constraints including an immovable sewer line.

The Biotope design team reorganised the interior so all the living spaces were in an open plan arrangement, prioritising the introduction of more light, sun, views, and storage.

A more prominent entry was created.

And as the existing lounge room had no connection to the existing dining and living spaces, an extension was added in front of the existing dining area, with the existing lounge room then converted to the main bedroom and ensuite.

This meant all the living spaces were together.

And new openings created a better connection to the front and back garden.

Openings to the northern side brought in much-needed light, delivering a visual connection to the front and back garden in line with biophilic design principles.

Storage spines were a feature in the living spaces and window seats were added to provide framed views, intimate spaces, and additional storage.

And to realize sustainability objectives and bring warmth to the spaces, timber, and timber products were used as much as the budget allowed.

The sustainability features include:

  • using the extant 1980s house
  • passive solar design principles
  • using timber products
  • non-toxic paint systems

Construction waste was minimized with any left-over existing bricks and excess excavated soil relocated to another part of the property to raise levels in the back garden.

Project Details

Project Size – 40 m2
Site Area – 21,133 m2
Project Budget – $650,000
Completion Date – 2022

Project Team

Architecture and Interiors

Biotope Architecture + Interiors

Biotope adopts a holistic approach to designing buildings. From homes with minimal impact on the ecology of a site and discreet additions that complement existing structures, to bespoke interiors crafted through collaborations with local makers, their designs focus on context and seek to enhance the connection to site through carefully considered spatial composition.


Peter Mathew

Peter is a well-established commercial photographer based in Hobart, Tasmania.

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