Stafford House

Stafford House

Tonic Design’s vision for this family home was to design a property with zones for play, creating, family time, and privacy.

Their client was a family of four children with parents who run their own businesses.

So they wanted a home that was not only functional, but also provided escapes for both the children and their parents.

Built on a modest 380 m2 site, Tonic’s design delivered 3 m ceilings and large openings to outside spaces, thereby making the somewhat humble internal spaces feel considerably larger.

Another design feature the family enjoys is the stand-alone backyard pool, aka a compact, concrete water tank that’s ready to set up instantly.

Stafford House was the first of its kind built from Bondor insulated panels, enjoying considerable favourable acclaim.

Project Details

Project size – 260 m2
Site area – 380 m2
Completion date – 2018
Building levels – 2

Project Team

Architecture and Interior Design

Tonic Design

The Tonic Design team is experienced in architecture, interior design, furniture design, film making, and digital design. They integrate these skills to practice design as interpreters and synthetic thinkers, leading and working with teams of consultants and builders on complex projects ranging from boutique retail fit outs to large scale master planned developments.

Tonic Design believes in combining new technologies with the fundamental elements of design to create spaces of significance, connecting and translating ideas into a complete design solution.

Their design ethos is centered around the principal philosophy of their team – to achieve functional, thoughtfully designed people orientated buildings that are sympathetic to their surroundings.

Tonic’s work and collaborations have led to several, local and national awards, including commendations through the Australian Institute of Architecture Awards program, being named as an IDEA Awards finalist, and being named as a finalist in the Inside Retail awards for design.


Christopher Frederick Jones

Christopher is an experienced architectural and interiors photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

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