Brisbane Ferry Terminals

Brisbane Ferry Terminals

After Brisbane’s CityCat Terminals capsized in the 2011 flood, the Queensland Government held a competition to see if a more resilient solution could be found.

COX devised three winning remedies: fitting the gangways with air tanks, a hinge and a clasp enabling them to float and swivel around under a flood’s force; a single pier tall and robust enough to prevent pontoons floating off and to withstand large vessel impacts and; shaping the pontoon like a boat to deflect debris.

Simultaneously, the terminals were designed to enhance river travel and public engagement to meet the Council’s aspiration of being a ‘new world city.’

Removing multiple piles opened the river to unimpeded views, a canopy provided shelter, and ramping on the pontoon guided movement and offered varied places to relax.

Each terminal is characterised by its connection with the land and neighbouring community.

Project Awards

  • 2017 Good Design Award
  • 2017 ICE Brunel Medal of Excellence (UK)

Project Details

Completion Date – 2015

Project Team


Cox Architecture

Cox is a design-focused contemporary architectural practice with studios located in every major Australian city and a history spanning 60 years.

Key to their ethos is supporting the public life of our cities. Cox does this by ensuring each project makes positive contributions to its public realm – giving more than it takes.


Christopher Frederick Jones

Christopher is an experienced architectural and interiors photographer based in Brisbane, Australia.

Ross Pottinger

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