Wilderness School

Wilderness School

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he Wilderness Learning Commons allows students to think differently, embrace challenges confidently, and apply what they learn to both their schooling and beyond.

Wilderness School’s vision was to create bespoke and intimate learning spaces that offer a feeling of connectedness.

Difficult to achieve in traditional classrooms, COX successfully blurred the division between formal and informal learning spaces to create learning environments that encourage tailored, engaging, and relevant experiences.

“Meticulously designed, the Learning Commons is a beautiful environment where the division between formal and informal learning dissolves and curiosity takes centre stage.”

– Wilderness School

The building has an open, transparent design that emphasises windows and clear lines of sight.

Putting student learning on display makes education communal – encouraging collaboration and creating a public forum for celebrating and observing student work.

The Commons has been designed to extend learning opportunities and enrich the student experience through its physical form and composition, internal settings, and external environment. Learning is no longer restricted to the confines of four walls, instead, every inch of the school is scoured for its ability to contribute to learning.

“The building’s sustainable infrastructure leverages remote accessibility and boasts interactive and state-of-the-art technology, delivering a dynamic wireless experience that promotes the skills our girls need to thrive in the digital economy.”

– Wilderness School

STEM-based learning spaces were core to the brief.

Classroom spaces like the maker-space and multi-media studio were created in consultation with Wilderness School educators.

The design provides students with a hands-on environment that is tailored and relevant to tomorrow’s industries.

The studios encourage the students to explore creative industries using a multitude of mixed-medium technologies.

The new library offers students a myriad of opportunities to foster curiosity.

The Learning Commons features interactive and state-of-the-art technology to support a contemporary pedagogy.

It delivers a dynamic learning environment to promote critical thinkers for the future-focused technological revolution.

Project Details

Completion Date – 2020

Project Team


Cox Architecture

COX is a design-focused contemporary architectural practice with studios located in every major Australian city and a history spanning 60 years. Key to their ethos is supporting the public life of our cities. Cox does this by ensuring each project makes positive contributions to its public realm – giving more than it takes.



Tom Roschi


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