St Augustine’s School

St Augustine’s Primary School is located in the inner-city suburb of Yarraville and consists of a junior and senior campus.

The school is tightly bound yet divided by roads, including Somerville Road, an overpass and two train lines.

Robert Simeoni Architects’ brief for the school required the design of a new multi-purpose space to be used predominantly as a drama and music room, and repairs to the existing School Hall.

The addition replaces a dilapidated shed and re-uses an existing brick wall at ground level, which is left exposed within the new space.

The first-floor addition is defined with a zinc cladding separating new from old.

The design embraces the overpass and train lines for their dramatic potential to activate the internal spaces.

A large window is positioned to the south and engages with the railway line and passing trains.

The once underutilized and irregular corner of the site has been adapted, revitalizing the outdoor playing area and integrating views to, from and through these spaces.

Project Details

Project Size – 400 m2
Site Area – 1,500 m2
Completion Date – 2011
Building Levels – 2

Project Team


Robert Simeoni Architects

Robert Simeoni Architects was established in 1996 and has developed with a reputation for carefully considered design, detail and construction. The practice has a reputation for producing high quality architecture across a variety of typologies including residential, religious, institutional, public and community buildings.


Trevor Mein

Trevor arrived at a career in photography following a decade of study and work in various design related fields. Having spent his youth in rural Victoria, Australia, he studied fashion design, before transferring to architecture at RMIT University in Melbourne.

It was the imagery and allure of the fashion world which first piqued his interest in photography. His fascination with the medium was fostered during his time at RMIT University, where he augmented his studies with photographic work for motor journals, as well as training with advertising photographers.

These insights into the world of photography awakened a passion which he felt compelled to pursue full time once he earned his degree in architecture.

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